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What Do People Have To Say About
Eric Mundt and Frontier Therapy?

Eric is brilliant at what he does and has had incredible success helping me recover from injury. I have improved to such a degree that I am addicted to his work. I now utilize Eric with all my athletes. If he can help a world class athlete perform at the highest level, I am sure he can help you.

-Steve Hess, Strength Coach, Denver Nuggets

Whether from soreness and fatigue or injury, Eric has the ability to get players back on the court quickly feeling refreshed and stronger with his approach.

-John Welch, Assistant Coach, Brooklyn Nets

When I completely tore my ACL in Sep of 2012, I knew 100% that Eric Mundt was my going to be my rehab guy.

-Duane “Bang” Ludwig, UFC Fastest Knockout Record Holder

Eric has a one of a kind treatment approach that is a big asset to players. Too bad he can't work in Houston too.

-Jesse Mermuys, Assistant Coach, Houston Rockets

I was lucky enough to work with Eric while I was training during my off season. I had been carrying a hip injury for the majority of my season that I couldnt get rid of. After working with Eric, I was able to move more freely. By the end of my stay I was feeling back to 100%. I found Eric to be very professional, hard working, and dedicated to getting the best results from me. I would definitely like to work with him again.

- Ben Franks, Professional Rugby Player, Christchurch, New Zealand

My two sons, ages 19 and 15, are very active in football, lacrosse and rugby. Playing these physical sports has caused some injuries to each of them. Recently, my older son had a hip-flexor injury that may have kept him from completing his senior lacrosse season. After a few sessions with Eric he was able to return to his sport, and to compete at his highest potential. Similarly, my younger son injured his shoulder lifting weights for football season. This injury was keeping him from training for his upcoming season. Eric was able to strengthen his shoulder muscles, and my son was back in the weight room within a couple of weeks.

After seeing the amazing results that both my sons experienced I decided to ask Eric to help me with my back problem. About three years ago I had surgery on my lower back. Since that surgery I have never been able to strengthen my core muscles because each time I tried, I would reinjure my back. Eric helped me to get all my muscles "firing" again, and I have seen tremendous improvement in my ability to work out, and to participate in so many of the sports activities that I was once unable to play. Eric's "magic fingers" have helped us all! Thanks Eric!

- Jeff P., Castle Rock, CO

I started seeing Eric after two months of traditional physical therapy and massage. My shoulders had been hurting for over two months as a result of a fall I sustained. Most nights, my shoulders hurt so badly that I had difficulty sleeping.My physician had recommended that I see an Orthopedic Surgeon. No way was I going that route. Eric worked on my left shoulder for 1-1/2 hours in the first session. My pain was relieved by about 90% from that treatment!! After a few additional sessions, both of my shoulders were back to normal. I consider the muscle activation technique that Eric practices to be a true MIRACLE.

-Victoria P., Denver, CO

As I was walking across a Denver street in December of 2004, I was hit by a truck that was going 35 mph. I experienced numerous fractures, several ligament tears, a couple lacerations, and a few contusions. The reality was that I had committed to hike the Colorado Trail to raise money for the Rocky Mountain MS Center that following summer and I knew that I had to take some drastic steps to be able to complete the trek. I worked with Eric from late March to early May to get myself back in order and I am delighted to be able to say that I arrived Durango in August, having hiked the entirety of the 471 mile Colorado Trail. I owe my ability to be able to do the Trail to Eric and will be forever grateful.

-Joe M., Denver, CO

My sixteen year old daughter had made it through tryouts for her high school basketball team. On the second day of practice she injured her hamstring. The athletic trainer prescribed rest, ice, compression and elevation; which would involve, more than likely, a three to four week process. It is hard to catch up for the time lost due to lack of practice, and we were concerned that most if not all of the season would be lost.

My wife heard about Eric Mundt and his muscle activation therapy from a friend at a Curves class. We discussed our daughter's recent injury with Eric, who agreed to see her and evaluate the nature and extent of her injury. Instead of merely focusing on the injured hamstring, he believed that the muscles surrounding the hamstring were not doing their job and had placed too much stress on the hamstring. After the first session, our daughter's flexibility had already improved and the pain to the hamstring was significantly diminished. After five (5) muscle activation sessions over ten days she was released to practice. It has been sixty days (as of 1/15/2006) since the treatment sessions ended and the leg has remained strong

-Neal D., Denver, CO

I have lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 10 years. During this time I have found a balance in a team of medical "mechanics" that help me stay well. I am a long distance walker and was doing well until this past year when I started experiencing severe pain in one foot. The pain was in the leg not affected by my MS. After visiting a podiatrist, getting new orthotics, x-rays, and an ultrasound, I was told "there is nothing wrong with your foot." All I knew was that my foot was killing me and was hampering my ability to walk.

I was so fortunate to find Eric Mundt. While I was skeptical about his therapy, I was at the point where I would have tried anything. After my initial visit with Eric, I woke up the next morning and my foot no longer hurt. WOW! I was able to go on a ten mile walk that week without pain.

As I increased my walking distances up to twenty miles, the pain would occasionally return, but at a minimal level. With each treatment session the pain would decrease for a longer period of time. My visits are now few and far between because his therapy works for me.

I am so grateful to have found Eric and his amazing work that has enabled me to continue my long distance walking pain free.

-Karen S., Denver, CO

We call Eric the "Miracle Worker" in our family. I was having hip pain and had gone to an orthopedic specialist, had an MRI, and X-rays done, both of which were normal with the exception of some slight arthritic changes, not enough to account for the pain I was experiencing. The pain persisted and I was told to stop running and see if the pain went away. The pain did go away, but with any small amount of running, it would come back. After being treated by Eric, I am now able to run again and have very little, if any pain!

Eric also treated my young daughter for a pain she was having behind her knee. Again, after imaging studies and examinations by an orthopedic specialist, there didn't seem to be an explanation for the pain, yet it was severe enough to limit her participation in soccer. After being treated by Eric, she hasn't complained of the pain and runs like the wind in soccer, and gymnastics! Thank You Eric!

-Michele B., Denver, CO

I have had severe back pain for three years due to an auto accident. I tried chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, etc. with no success. I couldn't ski, hike, clean my house or even bend down to pick something up without thinking twice!

After just a few sessions I feel like a new person! I can do anything, I don't have any pain and Ibuprofen is not a part of my diet! I can't thank you enough! I really do have a whole new attitude. Just this past weekend I went for a 4 mile hike, camped and went white water rafting. I really didn't think I'd be able to do these things again. I'm looking forward to skiing this winter with my kids.

Please feel free to use me as a reference. I've already told a lot of my friends about how you have helped me out.

I can't thank you enough!

-Donna P., Denver, CO

For a period of approximately two months I experienced severe pain in my right leg that made it extremely difficult to stand or walk and sleep. I was basically confined to a chair. A leading surgeon in the Denver area determined that I had a bulging disk that was pressing on my sciatic nerve. A cortisone treatment he prescribed had little effect. The decision was made to treat the problem surgically.

Because the pain was so severe and limiting, I contacted Eric Mundt of Frontier Therapy in hopes of easing the pain during the intervening month. After two sessions I was able to stand and walk moderate distances and sleep through the night pain free. Eric also prescribed simple daily exercises designed to strengthen key muscle groups. These exercises followed up with additional therapy have greatly improved my condition and more importantly, the surgery was cancelled because I was pain free!

After a series of treatments over a six-week period, I have my life back! I know that sounds dramatic, but recently I was able to enjoy a visit to Yosemite Nation Park over the Memorial Day weekend where I hiked over three miles to a remote site to view a stand of Sequoias and to walk to various locations to view in person the outstanding water falls that were featured on NBC television. Experiences that I willnever forget. Thank you Eric!

-Carl D., Littleton, CO

Before I began therapy (MAT) with Eric Mundt for my thumb pain caused by Basal Joint Arthritis, I was unable to do any hand activity requiring gripping, twisting, pushing, or turning motions without severe pain. Since therapy with Eric, I have resumed the activities that had been just too painful to do, such as bicycle riding, gardening, even opening a jar. How great to be back in my groove again! I appreciate what his therapy sessions have done for me, I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends and family.

-Anita K., Cheyenne, WY

After many years of an active and injury free lifestyle, I developed chronic lower back and hip pain. For 15 months I made many attempts to heal my body - chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, rest, and anesthetic injections into the site of pain. None of these attempts were successful. I was referred to Eric and after two treatments I am running pain free. I am convinced that I would not have improved this quickly without the treatment and guidance I received from Eric. I enthusiastically recommend Eric Mundt to anyone who truly wants a happy and healthy life.

-Angela B., Denver, CO

Eric Mundt is by far the most gifted physical therapist in Colorado. I was injured in two car accidents, had constant pain and headaches and my life had changed drastically. I was a fitness instructor who could no longer run, lift weights, ski or enjoy all the physical exercise that I had built my life around. I was unable to sit at a computer for longer than 20 minutes and my range of motion for my neck was about 60%. I had not been able to check my blind spot as I drove for over two years. I was committed to regain my life and I had been to acupuncture, cranial therapy, a very good physical therapist and several types of massage but I had only improved so far and I was stuck. Then I came to Eric and he changed everything. Eric Mundt is extremely dedicated to his patients and from my first appointment, I knew his magical hands were going to bring my old life back. Because of Eric’s extensive training and experience, he is able to pull from several techniques and get results. He has the ability to zero in on exactly the area that is causing the problem and works on it until he fixes it. Within 4 months, my range of motion was improved dramatically and now after a year of going to Eric, I will be running a ½ marathon in October and skiing this winter. Thank you Eric for your magical fingers, your impressive skill and your determination to make me better. You are truly a blessing in my life.

-Donna T., Louisville, CO